Premium Spray-On Bedliners in Eugene

As the originators of the heated high-pressure bedliner system, Arma Coatings in Eugene, Oregon, has unparalleled experience with protective coatings for trucks and other vehicles including trailers, motor homes and heavy commercial equipment bodies.

Protection for the Life of Your Truck

Our spray-on polyuria coating provides a durable barrier in contrast to drop-in bedliners that can cause cargo slippage and rattling.

  • Maximum impact resistance
  • Prevents moisture damage, rust, scratches and chemical corrosion
  • Withstands extreme temperatures from -40 to 200 F
  • Permanent adhesion: No cracks, warps or peeling
  • Life-time warranty

Same-Day Results

The bedliner sets in seconds, can be walked on in minutes and is ready for use in just hours.

Uniform Coverage

While cold, low-pressure application causes uneven coverage, the heated high-pressure system results in uniform texture and a factory-direct finish.

Maximized Efficiency

Spray-on bedliner ensures minimal effect on cargo capacity and keeps your payload in place. It also offers sound dampening features and allows access to  to tie-downs, fifth wheels, tool boxes and other accessories

Unlimited Uses

The bedliner bonds to just about any surface, whether you need it for aluminum, steel, cement, fiberglass and wood. In addition to bedliner, we can coat tool boxes, horse trailers, van interiors and more.

Fade-Resistant Gloss

For added protection and shine, Arma Gloss, our water-based, UV-resistant top coat prevents fading and stains.

Superior Craftsmanship

To assure the highest level of customer service and quality, our team is continually trained and certified. See the Arma Coatings difference with:

  • Even texture and coverage
  • No runs and sags
  • Laser-straight trim lines
  • Factory-direct results
  • ARMA emblem on the inside of the truck bed

Custom Colors

We have custom colors available by request.

Contact us

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