Spray Foam

Polyurea spray foam is widely used as eco-friendly insulation for residential and commercial uses. With exceptional temperature and noise control capabilities as well as mold resistant qualities, spray foam is the perfect option for a variety of applications.

  • Excellent temperature control
  • Air and moisture barrier
  • Mold and pest resistant
  • Sound dampening
  • Improves air quality and energy efficiency
  • Adds structural strength

Spray Foam Insulation Products

Arma 210-2 is a sprayable polyurethane foam system developed for Class 1 fire retardant applications.
ArmaFoam 3002.5 is an open-cell, water blown polyurethane spray insulation system. It is a premium construction product made from agriculturally based renewable resources and is environmentally friendly. It exhibits superior insulation properties compared to other conventional insulation materials. This product meets the flame retardancy standards for construction materials and is easy to apply with a fast reaction time that allows the contractor to complete difficult jobs quickly.

Our products are recommended for:

  • Homes, apartments and offices
  • Tanks and containers
  • Farm structures
  • Boats
  • Refrigerated areas
  • Storage units and warehouses
  • Hot tubs and swimming pools

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