Polyurea Coatings

ARMA offers a full line of protective coatings focused on meeting the highest industry standards for a variety of applications. Contact us for technical data sheets. 

  • Arma 100 APU: A two-component polyurethane/polyurea elastomer system used for bedliners and other applications where a flexible and extremely tough monolithic membrane with excellent water and chemical resistance is needed.
  • Arma 101/102: This is a high-solids, moisture-catalyzed, single-component polyurethane coating system. It consists of ARMA 101, an aromatic polyurethane basecoat, and ARMA 102, a waterproofing top coat that is UV-resistant, 100% aliphatic polyurethane. This product is effective as a protective membrane over polyurethane foam on new or existing roofs and hot or ambient storage tanks.
  • Arma 103: A low VOC aliphatic topcoat available to meet VOC regulations in specific areas. It is used in combination with ARMA 101 as a UV-resistant topcoat for any of the Arma polyurea coatings, predominately suitable for RV roofs.
  • Arma 120: Arma 120 is a two-component, 100% solids polyurethane elastomer. It is equally effective under dry abrasive, and corrosive environments. This product is potable water coating certified. 

Arma 901 Series

The 901 series is a two-component, polyurea elastomer spray system that can be applied under harsh environmental conditions. These products are non-hydrophobic with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, providing excellent elongation. Perfect for water and sewage treatment and containment, chemical tanks, boat hulls, pipes, tunnels, and reservoirs, agricultural and mining equipment, highway markings, and finally, as safe asbestos and lead encapsulate.

  • 901-50DS: Recommended in high-abrasion areas for secondary containment needs, including geotextile fabrics, gravel and sludge trucks, hoppers, processing plants, fish hatcheries, and pond linings.
  • Arma 901-70DS: Recommended for fly-ash containment needs, including smokestacks, cement plants, dump trucks, hoppers, chutes, and wear areas in processing plants.
  • Arma 901-90AS: Featuring up to 800% elongation, 901-90AS is recommended for containment areas where a balance between abrasiveness and high-impact absorption is needed. Military and commercial applications include bridges, industrial concrete, wooden floors, walkways decks, utility vaults, and water protection in buildings and other structures.